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Zhejiang liquor highlight the tight encirclement of rice wine?

www.wmpackaging.comZhejiang rice wine is world renowned, but the lack of local liquor brand but it is an indisputable fact. Highlight the encirclement of the rice wine liquor brand, has been thinking of the liquor industry. Recently, the Maotai frequently staged liquor prices Acrylic airless bottle manufacturer mythology, triggered collectors eager to buy high-end liquor market situation is excellent. In Zhuji, a red sorghum liquor called the Tongshan drunk beauty, played every altar the high price of 1880 yuan, hit most of the of Zhejiang estate prices of liquor.
    Reporters found that, despite China's liquor industry burgeoned, but the province no China oval shaped acrylic bottle supplier scream loud liquor brand. Nearly $ 2,000 per altar Zhejiang liquor, whether just a gimmick?
    What Zhejiang liquor worth 1,880 yuan?
    The same Town is a remote town Lotion pump bottle in Zhuji City, as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the same town, the villagers have been kind of custom sorghum brewing shochu. Sai Yuen village in the same town, every the sorghum harvest season, the front of the house behind the house are covered with heavy sorghum spike since October the villagers every family will be brewed with the mountain burned out to entertain guests at the New Year .
    Sorghum liquor with the mountain due to a long history of production, transmission range is very wide, in Shaoxing, Zhuji area but also including women and children. Despite the high-profile, but in people's impression, the kaoliang still of the same mountain kind of "farm land shochu, jug wine bargains feeling." Reporter learned that, most of the early years, the production and the mountain burned the family workshop, nor how to pay attention to the brand, and less emphasis on the packaging, the sale of basic 5 pounds, 10 pounds of plastic jug wine.
Now a jar and the mountain drunk the United States actually sold 1880 yuan! Not only to create the highest price of the Zhejiang liquor, leaving habits the the local villagers mesh thump Koudai "can only be sold with the mountain burned 10 per pound". What is an altar with mountain soju in the end it? In Zhuji city with Hill drunk beauty store, the reporter found the answer: a master craftsman hand-painted Spring Lamei 2.5 liters of red porcelain vase, bottle, packaging is more elegant, wood sitting at the end, acrylic cover, looks unlike a container for holding wine, more like a fine art.
    Such a high price there is no one to buy? Salesman told reporters that conditions Well, there is a growing emphasis on health, as long as the quality is good, the price is not afraid of high, say the Chinese New Year immediately to many customers visiting friends and relatives should buy wine gifts, our high-end products supply, however. "
    Reporter, the shop responsible for a network sales clerk, is preparing to pack two boxes of pearl porcelain collection of wine, "Shandong Liaocheng a customer ordered by Alibaba.
    Red Sorghum legend
    "All along, the same mountain burning hidden in the mountains, the wine only floating farm house, unable to really integrate into urban life." Xie Xiaoyi said, did not reflect the value and status precisely because of the same mountain before burning This allowed to seize the the entrepreneurship golden opportunity with the mountain burned transformation and upgrading, and the use of science and technology, cellars, and other means to improve wine quality, professional companies design packaging, professional marketing planning program, the same mountain drunk wine breakout success.
    Xie Xiaoyi the Taizhou man and Zhuji, son-in-law, the Tongshan drunk beauty Distillery Co., the chairman of the board, early in Taizhou kept a snake, the snake village opened in Hangzhou, digging through the gold mine in Guizhou, opened in Shanghai Food City. In 2007, Xie Xiaoyi put down a 2400 m2 Food City business, invested more than 700 million, a friend to Zhuji same mountain opened winery, has vowed to use spent his whole life with mountain burned to create Zhejiang Culture wines.
    Same mountain burn from small-scale family workshops Brewers into a modern scale production is not an easy task, not only need good grain resources, good water, brewers also need a good technician. Burn only traditional craft in the same mountains with local waxy sorghum brewing with Hill, will have a unique mellow with the mountain is located in the mountains by the venue and other factors, sorghum and wine production are very limited.
It is these factors seriously hindered the development of the same mountain burning.
    To this end, with the mountain drunk beauty wineries to convince local farmers and growers have set up "Red Sorghum cooperatives", sorghum planting area of ​​5,000 acres, and now they also plans to invest 50 million construction the ancient Yue charm of wine Zhuang.
    Zhejiang liquor
    The wine on the table a long time, Zhejiang microscopic local liquor, liquor market has always been a haven for foreign brands. Prevalent in rice wine, Zhejiang, why no one screamed loud liquor brand it?
    Zhejiang has no strong white wine, easy to drink liquor, while Zhejiang industrious, unwilling to miss work because of the wine; Zhejiang personality softer liquor than rice wine festivals; Third, compared with Sichuan, Guizhou and Anhui and other liquor , Zhejiang liquor business is not enough emphasis on culture; Fourth Zhejiang liquor will not marketing. "Xie Xiaoyi analysis, in the increasingly fierce competition in the liquor market, especially in the long-term foreign brands" rule "Zhejiang market, the local liquor industry faces enormous pressure and challenges, "A few years ago, there have been Zhejiang liquor companies want to build a brand, but eventually failed."
    In 2008, the same mountain burning the firing process successfully Zhejiang Province Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is understood that, in China's liquor market, with 60% or more the liquor case Chunliang brewing blending wine, which also includes a small number of high-end brands of liquor. Although this allows the blending of liquor-related standards, the same mountain drunk beauty has always insisted on 100% puree filling. Puree quality will certainly be better than blending, which is a killer, Zhejiang liquor to create a license must have their own characteristics. "Xie Xiaoyi says.
    On the wine market in Zhejiang, with the change of habits and population movements, the liquor is indispensable in some banquet, wine, beer, wine, liquor missing one can not. "Insiders believe that the high-end puree liquor may be a chance to break through in Zhejiang liquor.

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