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Chinese cosmetics exports grew faster in emerging markets gradually became The main

The first half of this yearThe China's exports of cosmetics Cosmetic acrylic bottle in all total exports growth can be described as ahead, under The influence The the economic crisis The Europe, the domestic export economy also much frustration, but The cosmetics export industry but as always. The latest survey data show that foreign cosmetics and skin care products worth up to $ 358 million in the first six months of Chinese exports, an increase of 22 percentage The, the development is astounding. The face The the high growth rate The exports, ChinaThe cosmetics suppliers, though still remain wary of The prospects for the development The The traditional European and American Cosmetic acrylic bottle supplier markets, but The began to cast attention of The emerging market opportunities.
Global oil prices The the first half of this year, The well The cosmetics raw material The labor costs led to ChinaThe cosmetics suppliers also have to increase The price The its export products supplier, The vast majority of surveyed suppliers said The price adjustment in more than 5%.
Chinese exports of cosmetics containing The very wide range, mainly facial, Eye & Lip skin care products, makeup Cosmetic acrylic bottle manufacturer productsThe as well as make-up surrounding tools, skin care productsThe and nail care products sales are better.
Compared to The excellent performance The The American and European brands in The Chinese market, The Chinese cosmetics suppliers, or The attitude The The European market is particularly cautious exported to European and American markets products for OEM, not its own brand. But The good news is that the performance of ChinaThe cosmetics The recent The in many Asian countries, the Middle East, Russia and other emerging markets to the force, has successfully entered the market and get a good reaction. Domestic suppliers of the future The cosmetics export sales are expected this The is very high, said the 2 percent growth.

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