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Talk about blowing machine technology development

PET blow molding machine according to the preform China cosmetic bottles factory heating conveyor is divided into two kinds of rotary and linear. Rotary blowing machine capacity, speed, design complexity, and the price is higher. Typical rotary blowing machine is The French SIDEL the SBO series its SBO24 blowing machine hourly output of more than 20,000 bottles; linear blow molding machine, a typical representative of Japan's ASB and Cleaner cosmetic bottles AOKI general, this The mechanical design is relatively simple, but production will become a bottleneck, it is difficult to over 6000 bottles / hour.
    Temperature control is directly related to the plasticizing uniformity is the key to the success China cosmetic bottle manufacturer of the blow molding products. Mold and hot runner design and accuracy, and also to decide the merits of the product quality.
    China for PET bottle production injection stretch blow equipment is basically dominated by imported products, especially in the high-speed and large volume production the domestic equipment also can not compete. It is worth mentioning that is able to produce large-capacity hot-fill PET bottle blowing machine manufacturers rarely seems to be the only ASB blowing process several times to obtain satisfactory results.
    With the rise of the cold aseptic filling process, the new round of blow molding machine market battle in turn opened. Cipa one-step blow molding machine has a firm foothold in Beijing Huiyuan juice factory, but it does not mean that the two-step blow molding machine will not have the opportunity.
    Extrusion blow molding hollow container production equipment adaptable material, the container of a variety of materials to produce PE, PS, PVC, PC, etc., also a wider field of application. 3/4 of the blow molded articles on the market are manufactured by extrusion blow molding method. The extrusion blow method can produce a few milliliters of eye drops bottle, tray or tons barreling also can be processed more than 1000L.
    Extrusion blow hollow container production equipment to fully meet the need. Example, extrusion blow molding equipment Akei forming apparatus sequence, can produce various specifications below 200L blow molded containers, and the development of the in-mold labeling extrusion blow molding machine, the products are widely used in the fields of cosmetics and lubricants oil.
    However, extrusion blow molding machines from China's development function is not perfect, especially those with a variety of complex functions of the equipment can not produce, such as widely used in liquid pharmaceutical packaging bottle - filling - sealing three-in-one device.
    Multilayer composite membrane production equipment
    Plastic film extrusion blow molding production is another blow molding production categories of products. Developed countries about 40% of plastic packaging film is the use of multi-layer co-extruded film extrusion blowing production, China's proportion is slightly lower. The composite membrane production multi preclude the use of single-layer film of dry method or a wet compound process in the past, but the product is unstable because of the quality, the use of adhesives and sanitation is poor, high cost, thus gradually multilayer coextruded film replaced.
    The multilayer coextruded process is to use multiple extrusion machine in the state of molten material is extruded through a special nose after the formation of a new type of functional thin film, simply to impress a processing step can be made into a multi-layer, multi- function of the composite film can save about 30% of the production costs compared to other composite processes. Such films can be configured in accordance with the requirements of users of different component, to achieve different barrier requirements and cost requirements.
    Nineties before, China is more likely to produce 2-3 layer co-extruded film using a rotary head but with? Development, 3-layer packaging film is gradually giving way to a 5-layer or 7-layer film. Accompanied this process and catalytic process is the development of the domestic composite multilayer blown film equipment.
    Multi-layer co-extrusion blown film production equipment, a number of key technologies, the die is one of the most important one. ? Mold die head is the most commonly used, with short flow channel layers can be any combination thereof, the temperature is controlled separately, etc.. This die production has formed a number of famous professional manufacturer, whether imported or domestic production facilities, the need to introduce most of the die.
Introduction of key technologies and components, is a shortcut to blow enterprise development. Domestic equipment in the accuracy and reliability of the product compared to the imported equipment is still not enough, but its price advantage of imported production lines can not match. Is relying on the higher price, the domestic plastic processing machinery occupy? Most of the domestic market, and may rely on this advantage to enter the international market.
    Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's market size and characteristics of great change, the operation and management of the enterprise the single goal development from the past to systematic, scientific management transition. Understanding of the development of automatic blow molding machine industry and market changes, from a professional perspective and how to use the scientific method to the effective management at all levels of the enterprise, will be the most important issue of the future survival and development.
    But there are still thinking of many enterprises still remain in the early days, do not have a proper planning and execution control, just by virtue of feeling and personal likes and dislikes of the business owners manage. But also in the overall management of the process, the lack of professional and management skills as business owners or management personnel, making the management process control means changing managers appear confused or contradict. Confusion in the operation and management of enterprises, led to the decline in overall employee performance, lack of enterprises belonging and a sense of security. So import a vicious cycle, the position of enterprises in the market is at stake.
    Beverage companies for blowing equipment two major urgent needs of one plastic raw materials prices continue to rise, beverage companies all the time without thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to achieve the maximization of profits, and therefore need to take advantage of the advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter bottle; Second, due to the rapid changes in the market, beverage production enterprises must respond flexibly drinks increasingly short life cycle, corresponding to the PET bottle production increasingly frequent product updates problem, in the production process in time to replace the mold to a minimum. These two urgent demand gave a small problem blowing equipment suppliers.
    Closed loop (ClosedLoop) technology refers to the process parameters of the connection check integrated in the process control system of the stretch blow molding machine, to form a closed, automatic control and automatic adjustment process of the combined production cycle. Intelligent machine control technology is designed to improve the quality assurance system of the blowing machine. Through use of AgrPETWallplus monitoring system can monitor the various data, such as the bottle wall thickness preform. At work, the rating data deviate from the system will be immediately recognizable, this information will be delivered in a timely manner to the blowing machine Preform heating unit control system, the control system will quickly reflect and individually controlled heating furnace heating lamp rating. Therefore, even if the data for each preform is different, in the initial setting of process parameters remain unchanged, the quality of the produced bottle remained stable and reliable.

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