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Cleaning Wikipedia: Guangzhou garbage classification VS garbage classification

Guangzhou introduced Guoneishoubu garbage classification Ordinance and municipal solid waste classification management Interim Provisions ", into effect from April. A stone arouses thousand waves, garbage how points is considered environmentally friendly, how to guide China cosmetic bottles factory people to categorize, Guangzhou strive classification rate standards ...... incident became the topic of civil hot.
    At this point, a lot of people Cleaner cosmetic bottles to look projected onto the body of the other countries, such as our neighbors in Japan. That is a waste classification measures was more successful countries, the national environmental awareness is very high.
    Whether we can from the day-to-day practice of the Japanese thinking out some China cosmetic bottle manufacturer of the methods that can be implemented easily, so that the earth has become more beautiful, more harmonious development between man and nature?
    Japanese how to deal with the garbage?
    Walking in the streets of Tokyo, did not see a trash can, any scraps of paper or bottles sanitation workers also did not see a big play on the road broom. One of my friends, laughing, and I was in Guangzhou, the shoes also stained with dirt and dust, Japan scattered a small step to the soles clean, its clean, is evident. Usually go out when it comes handkerchief instead of tissue paper to produce garbage will own to take home or to find the appropriate place to deal with.
    Returned home after that, the Japanese people and how to deal with various garbage?
    Perhaps we can sign erected around the residential area to find the answer. Clearly the one that says "combustible garbage" sign, the burning of waste containing resin, plastic, Styrofoam, rubber, leather and other material goods, to reiterate before taking out the trash. Notices to the cleaners when recycling all kinds of garbage, the following cleaning company phone, the classification does not understand the public can call to consult. Foreigners living in Japan, and waste disposal station's brand also marked in English, Chinese and Korean languages.
    Like a building it has this sign: Tuesday, the recycling resources garbage (renewable resources), including newspapers, magazines, paper bags, bottles, cans, styrofoam lunch boxes; recovery of combustible waste on Wednesdays and Saturdays, including kitchen I refuse rough toilet paper, disposable diapers, sawdust, plastic, rubber, leather products, etc.; recovery of non-combustible garbage on Friday, include lighter, sprayers, ceramics, glass, and metal products.
    Does not want to classification will not
    An ethnic Chinese woman living in Tokyo, said Japanese housewife is busy, the home store with all kinds of garbage to the specified time before placed in the local cleaners to recycling. Misplaced garbage, the neighbors will enthusiastically at her door to ask you why not in accordance with the provisions date to take out the garbage, do not hope that the next offense, or give other tenants causing distress. For foreigners living in Japan, the registration of the local government, the staff will distribute the local garbage disposal requirements to you. Each local garbage subdivision provisions will not, such as wins cho, Tokushima Prefecture plans by 2020 to achieve the goal of "zero waste".
    Kitchen waste, paper, rags and other combustible rubbish, garbage collection, will be sent to the centralized incineration, and incineration of waste heat power generation, clean garbage power plant will not affect the normal life of residents and students; processing appliances bicycles, furniture such large garbage, urban government a materials exchanged Department, jurisdictions where residents can freely exchange, make the best use.
    In recent years, the addition of Japanese nationals living a good helper - food waste disposers. This garbage processor is an American invention, microbial decomposition of food waste into organic fertilizer. This is precisely on the appetite of the Japanese people, because they have always loved gardening, even if not a small courtyard at home, and also a variety of flowers in front of the window kinds, food waste processor into organic fertilizer can moisten the soil can into Chunni more quadrangle.
According to the survey, nearly 100% of Japan's new residential installation garbage processor. More food and beverage companies, food processing plants, also joined the ranks, through the cooperation with the institutions of the chemical industry, made from food waste compost, sold to farmers.
    At the hotel, we can feel the Japanese garbage classification indeed implement. In addition to the room will be placed on the regular trash, some of the halls, corridors next to the vending machine can also see the classified trash detailed classified in another bucket to cap concentrated in a bucket, plastic bottles, ice cream stick is divided into a bucket, to be effective recycling. Even have a friend in the hotel to buy cosmetics, The clerk reminded that lipstick is combustible and lipstick tube is a small metal objects,.
    Announced the implementation of the Guangzhou Provisional Regulations on Management of municipal solid waste classification, the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center immediately joint opinion network with Sohu News, to investigate the national 2004 people. The survey results show that 90.5% of people expressed support for garbage classification, 58.4% said "very supportive". Unfortunately, only less than 2% of people who adhere to the waste classification, even college students, most garbage containers in a plastic bag, and then thrown into the trash trouble.
    In fact, people no stranger to the concept of the "garbage classification, but also understand the benefits of its environmental, social. Republic of China, Guangzhou sanitation cause it to go ahead in the country, the management of municipal solid waste with Health Bureau, and the cleaning fee according to each business, the number of household trash.
    In fact, much earlier "recyclable" and "non-recyclable" trash in the streets, communities everywhere. Everyone will consciously different garbage into them, but do not know how to divide, or see each trash can filled with almost everything casually thrown into garbage bags; Some communities are distributed to residents However, residents get the bag very confused, garbage can be divided into several categories, the number of garbage bags can be used more, and even at home, classified, and then pour out mix, simply does not make sense; community determined to help residents to purchase garbage processor, but the cost is too high, can not form the recycling industry chain and not below; the garbage fee income, as well as representatives of the people called for to reduce emissions garbage residents outside world. The author where a quarter of the community garbage fee of 45 yuan, for example, including solid waste disposal fees 15 residents sanitary fee of $ 30, if it is necessary to increase, many residents found it difficult to accept.
    This embarrassment is definitely not only in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, there are similar problems in Guangzhou. We can use the the garbage classification model it? I am afraid that there are many problems. Japanese families the men outside the women, married women would stay at home housewives, the classified garbage time. Most Chinese families are working parents, the couple only after work, housework, no time is too thin to refuse classification; Even at home classification, classification good garbage specialized agencies to deal with, and can only be delivered to the waste plant unified; Please sanitation agency classification more unrealistic, now alone to collect each household garbage already heavy burden of the sanitation workers.
    What can we do
    Waste disposal, its headache classification, it is better to start from the source, and think more about how to do re-use and minimize emissions to the outside world, they can save money. Such as eggshell, soup bones, soymilk okara can be buried in the soil of flowers for increased nutrient; wrapping paper, newspaper, copy paper and paper goods, you can cut the paper notes secondary use, run out and then to sell waste sites; Old clothes can be transformed into a cushion cover, rag bags; every meal meals control component, the situation to be drained to avoid eat; plastic bottles, glass bottles can let the magnificent transfiguration roll into a rope vases, cans snacks, water the flowers kettle; CD disc painted pattern, or sticky rags and paper, you can become a unique coasters; corn leaves can act as steamed pastries, cakes paper, or dried making baskets ...... and so the practice of turning waste into treasure is there a lot of the wisdom of the masses is infinite, will be able to come up with a good idea to spend some more thought.
Many communities are now set online forums, the proposal of the member of the public, the community may wish to hold regular some "flea market", and can also use electrical appliances, books, newspapers, toys barter objects "or being sold, which may well be a good way to handle large garbage. Users and even devised a simple and fun game garbage classification, a far greater understanding of the people of garbage classification, especially sought after by the white-collar workers and students.
    Many people hope that the government and relevant departments, to better guide people how to classify; Social Survey, thinking easy for the public to operating; some of the more intractable garbage, such as used batteries, furniture, set up some special the disposal site; inform the public on some of the garbage I do not know how to classify, they can consult what institutions.
    I believe that the addition to vigorously promote garbage classification of environmental benefits, reducing social waste, should be vigorously at school associated activities. Knowledge contest, garbage should be attributed to what kind; let the kids write environmental protection small diary, recording their own home is how to carry out waste, what doubts and experience; carry out a series of turning waste into treasure, positive development of the child their ability of practice. Childhood awareness there garbage classification, in order to allow the environmental awareness to further enhance public to make this world a better place for children.

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