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Food Processing - popular in the U.S. market seven new food packaging

The emergence of new technology Plastic tube products and eco-friendly materials, food packaging also put forward new demands, popular in the U.S. market several new food packaging:
--- High-temperature sterilization plastic jar. Its material is composed of a PP / EVOH / PP, characterized in that the interlayer of EVOH is. This plastic jar food packaging, the shelf life of canned same, can be stored at room temperature for two years, instead of metal cans.
--- Squeeze bottle. Extrusion techniques made having good protection gas and extrusion, the material composition also for the PP / EVOH / PP, jam Sauces ideal temperature sterilization packaging.
--- K-OAK hot filling system. The material composition of low density Flexible packaging polymer, suitable for high temperature and acidic food packaging.
--- Barrier laminated material in food packaging. Gas barrier properties of the material, and the metallized coating for cakes, biscuits and other food packaging, as well as microwave, oven with a plastic plate. The crystalline PET material, is a high temperature of the food packaging.
--- Aseptic packaging. Popular and development, future trends which is more as a large-capacity food aseptic packaging. In the next 10 years, the U.S. Food packaging trends: For most of the new packaging, the main raw materials based on petrochemical products, the further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need of refrigeration equipment. Willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles more and more, and will replace the glass, and in some cases instead of metal products.
--- Flexible packaging materials. Reduce packaging costs Airless bottle  by improving the performance of packaging materials, rather than one-sided pursuit of the reduction of the price of materials. Packages with different products, and the need for frequent charging, the process of encapsulation, storage, transportation and other goods, the customer bought often a custody and use of the process, it is necessary to ensure and improve the quality of packaging.
--- Packaging lighter. Its development trend is easy to pick up handling, need to stock lighter packaging, pallet load corresponding reduction in less trailers and fork lifts. Packaging used to a single tray, glass and plastic containers, and flexible packaging such as food packaging assembled together, the need to increase its strength, and in order to facilitate the safe transport.

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