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Punishment shall be first excessive packing for green standards

China has become the world's most serious luxury package one of the countries, packaging waste of solid waste half volume, waste a year four hundred billion yuan, a third of urban living garbage is packaging waste. The author thinks that, curb excessive packaging produce of excessive waste, the urgent task is to make the legislation of the green packaging compulsive standard, to not enforce the standard enterprise severe penalties.

As early as in two ○ ○ nine years, state quality inspection administration and national standards committee had issued the limitation of commodity packaging requirements-excessive food and cosmetics, Cylindrical airless bottle supplier"from the second 一○ ○ as from April 1, began to implement, this standard can be used three digital summarize, namely: commodity packaging gap should not be greater than sixty percent rate; Packing layer shall not exceed three layer; The packaging cost may not exceed twenty percent of the commodity sale price. This is the only "thin body" packing standard, but the standard limitations is bigger, and executive power is strong, the excessive packing on the market is popular enough evidence. China needs more visible strict, coverage more extensive, and more strong green packaging binding series "national standard"China Airless bottle supplier, with less or disable wooden and metal packaging materials, packaging materials, clear all kinds of merchandise packaging cost accounting for the value of commodities regulations to the scale of the packing material and cost and will be shown in the commodity specification, to provide the consumers supervision.

The author's friends in study abroad in France, according to what he saw, perfume and red wine made in France it then is world famous brand, but all in paper boxes paperback, because of the French "Airless jar plantpackaging law prohibits the use of woodiness product packaging food and cosmetics.Lotion bottle manufacturer We need a good reference, strictly green packaging access system and license, do not accord with the requirements of the packing goods resolutely forbid into the market, it is strictly prohibited to sales, until revoked enterprise production license, really from the source control "luxury" rubbish.

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