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« Cosmetics packaging manufacturers treasure cypress expand export business Punishment shall be first excessive packing for green standards »

Cosmetics bottle of "segment" of the university asked

The huge cosmetics market has become more mature, but on the market at present all the cosmetics could meet all the needs of the consumers? The answer is no. The future of cosmetics market should grow differentiation, meet the needs of different areas, the market demand.

For different crowd, the cosmetics has gradually began to segment, the man cosmetics, lady cosmetics, children and old people to use cosmetic cosmetics. Different consumer groups have different market demand and consumption characteristics. Cosmetics bottle in the packing will according to market segmentation for targeted design.Cleaner cosmetic bottle plant Men more than cosmetic bottles on masculine, individual character and easy to use. Lady cosmetics bottle is reflects warmth, romance, gentle and characteristics. Children need to reflect more cosmetics bottle of cartoon elements and children's psychological need. For the old man to use cosmetic bottles of it should be reflected in the human nature design and easy to use. We once said, cosmetics bottle is cosmetics enterprise to promote a product of a "tool"China acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturer. In the subdivision of cosmetics market, the design that meets different similar cosmetics market demand cosmetic bottles, but also an enterprise in a market promotion of capability.

For different regional segmentation cosmetics market,Airless bottle Plant more reflect according to different places in the cosmetics customs and economic development degree to product segmentation. Reflected in cosmetics bottle package, are mainly in the cosmetics bottle of cost, material distinction and shall not be involved in design and breaking of different religions customs, etc.

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