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Cosmetics packaging manufacturers treasure cypress expand export business

Every one of the success of China's export enterprise has a in fierce competition for a living and developing story. Production costs continue to rise, and other emerging economies launch challenge, these are all export enterprise in the harsh reality of before.

In China chinaplas ended, this manufacturer Shanghai treasure cosmetics packing nai the plastic limited company exclusive interview with the factory, the share with readers in the company's growth experience.

Treasure of the three bogeys from plastic floor is located in the minhang district of Shanghai factory a quiet industrial zone, has more than 300 employees, with 13000 square meters of production space.

Treasure cypress in 1992 in established, originally designed for the domestic market and the plastic pipe production plastic bottles.

The company introduced the international market GeFeng manager said: "the company in 2004, after the change of ownership experience turning into a export enterprise." The company existing factories built 2007, all of the original production of all moved.

At present, the factory is equipped with 13 new bottle blowing machines, and Taiwan joint machine, five extrusion line and 7 scrap recycling system, etc. Big customers including henkel, GSK, Avon, LouHuaNong,Lotion bottle CVS, holy ai, and other well-known international enterprise eve, with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan RMB.

GeFeng said: "as you can see, the factory in production is very busy, we expect this year's sales growth of 10%." The company is new a extrusion line, in addition to consider in the existing basis expansion, further expand the production space.

In the past few years, treasure cypress also feel the pressure of the rising wages, and through acquire automation machinery to reduce influence. GeFeng for example,Cosmetic Jar the company now use is fully automatic machine on the cover. "The past need 10 employees to do, as long as 3 people now is enough."

He added that treasure in Shanghai the employees a cypress half is native, employees a higher stability.

Treasure cypress about 75% of business from export market, including the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Its export business growth faster than sales in domestic market growth.

Treasure cypress has bought a New Zealand half of the customer share, and will the company changed its name to Zedpac company, as their sales division, in Shanghai, New Zealand and Australia have offices. Treasure in the United States to join in the cypress also exhibitions, we are preparing to open offices in the United States.

Interestingly, while participating in the trade show to absorb tourists to some, but treasure most of the customers are impact by China's biggest B2B platform alibaba nets contact. GeFeng said: "China cosmetic bottle manufacturerin a total of about 100 clients, more than 70 are through the alibaba find."

One is headquartered in Oakland,Cosmetic acrylic bottle manufacturer California's Purity Cosmetics Inc. The company, the production and the sales "100% pure natural" brand name of herbal Cosmetics. The company from alibaba treasure found on impact and, after a few times after the initial contact, the customer through the arrangement of the alibaba treasure of cypress field visit factory. Now the company used all the plastic pipe Purity by treasure cypress provide, including part of plastic pipe regeneration.

GeFeng said, alibaba also can help arrange Bureau Veritas or Intertek third party products and factory certification, the customer can get great convenience and rest assured.

In addition to cosmetics packing, treasure cypress also produce food and industrial use the packing materials.

In the end GeFeng visit the factory said: "we spent a lot of time to improve production and management efficiency, actively explore new market. All this paid off."

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