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The dow said Asian packaging technology as a driving force for the development of the application

Consumer preferences are prompted Asian each big final market a quietly change. Driven by this, the dow chemical company such big enterprise to make rapid response, especially in plastic packaging this area.

In the April 20, China international exhibition of rubber (China plas) period, the dow company four executives in a small informal discussion at media about their views on this trend.

These management personnel is the main content of the talk around headquarters is located in the United States of Michigan Midland dow chemical company of high-performance plastics business department recently on the restructuring of the move, the department is the dow six operations in one of the biggest, 4500 staff, 2011 sales of $16.3 billion. Although the department pre-tax profit last year fell 4% to $3.4 billion, but still than in the next business department of higher profits nearly doubled.

By recombination, high-performance plastics business department of business activities were divided into four big market, i.e., high performance packaging, health and medical treatment, Acrylic Jarelectrical and telecom, and elastomer (elastomer business include consumer durable goods and transportation).

The dow high-performance plastics business department of the Singapore resident Asia Pacific business vice President Peter Wong said: "in China, the packaging area holds enormous market opportunity", will become the new business restructuring four big market scale the most significant one.

Wong, points out that the packing of the north American market scale is huge, but is already very mature market, especially in the technology in the application and development. Wong said, Cleaner cosmetic bottle plantat present, the Asian of the advanced new packaging technology of very strong demand, because both parties are looking for a better way to keep food and provide protection for the product.

He said: "5-10 years ago, the Asian market in the technical aspects of the demand is not too strong." But all this rapid change, Wong said, in his last 12 months found this trend up more and more obvious.

Dow chemical Pacific Co., LTD in the greater China region high-performance plastics business commercial director Lawrence Cheung added: "North America only a market. And the asia-pacific region have 20 market", he said, the huge market demand is for packing of billions. This makes it necessary to speed up production, at the same time also give consideration to the sustainable development of this kind of ignored important problem.

In Hong Kong or Singapore chemical industry association Cheung's honorary chairman, he said, contributing to this motivation to change in a large extent originated in the consumer preferences,Square acrylic jar supplier not its consumer brands businessmen and the giant retail sales enterprise.

The dow high-performance plastics in Singapore in the asia-pacific region department technical service and development director Peter Yap said: "we found that customers attitude changed obviously change. In the past, consumers just for the low price. Now they pay more attention to the product itself". For example, they note that the use of high performance more thin film can reduce usage, but the effect remains unchanged.

Yap added: "small package is quite popular here." In addition, in the infrastructure will also face the challenge of to packing design and function produce effect, he said so. Yap said, we with potato chips for example. In western countries, consumers like open convenient potato chips packaging, this packing is usually metalized PP film printed made of polypropylene two-way stretch. And in Asia, people prefer in such packing with a strong seals, will air into package, form the buffering effect similar bulging pillow. This design can protect package of potato chips not disintegrate, because Asian transportation infrastructure and North America was different, more easily turbulence fracture.

Wong also listed some other differences.

He said: "stand in the Asia Pacific region bags get popular rapidly," especially in the Philippines that place. But in India it is entirely another story. For example, India people don't like to buy 1 l the big bottle with shampoo, they prefer 5 ml a bag of the small package shampoo. This small disposable packaging bags with more economical and shampoo, because India people usually get used to this day to buy everyday items of household spending.

At the same time, Cheung also points out some of the trend of global market, especially in "green" products field. The dow is working to develop flexible packaging for multi-layer co-extruding technology, in order to reduce the metal film base material layer, and improve the packaging of regeneration. He stressed: "we no longer use monolayer film packaging......."

Cheung said, therefore, the dow in last year rolled out two new products, Elite AT and Dowlex NG series enhanced polyethylene resin. He said, the two products are very popular after listing.

Wong said, so "we don't want a head of drilling laboratory, it develop next-generation supramolecular technology. So that we may make excessive design, development out of materials may not meet the needs of the market. We design is based on the customer requirements on", including how to more convenient processing, how to let more light thin film more, in order to reduce the waste and the like. He said, for this purpose, the dow is now considering in Asia with a new packaging business center for excellence.

The dow elastomers resident in Seoul, South Korea's Asia Pacific business commercial director Ho-Sung Kang said, sustainable development is also a big key in the dow business. The appearance of elastomer polyolefin car weight loss becomes possible, and all kinds of renewable material also in reducing the shoes, sports goods and home goods this kind of durable goods of the impact on the environment.

Finally in when the questions to the media,Airless bottle Plant Wong also introduced the dow chemical company in China's coal chemical industry project olefin new progress of the project in about five years ago caused the influence of blockbuster. The project aims to use coal into methanol can be "clean coal" technology, to produce all kinds of plastic and chemical products as an important raw material of ethylene and propylene. But the latest situation of the project rarely made public.

Wong said: "coal to olefin project is still in the works, our team is still in actively promote the project. We also still spend a lot of resources in." He also laid special emphasis on said, China oval shaped acrylic bottle supplierdow did not give up the project. But he said, and the related research work are currently in the Beijing enterprise internal.

The dow was in the Middle East and Thailand's factory capacity significantly, will help ease the asia-pacific region substitute raw material supply of shortage of the pressure, but Wong said, "try to reduce dependence on oil and raw materials," is the most important goal of the dow.

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