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A true luxury goods online discount hot it famous brand discount

April 25,, a famous French sports leisure brand "French rooster" le card g sued tick group, runway nets infringement case successful counterfeits. The dust settled "network group buying rights first case" by consumers of e-commerce, again bulk commodities trust crisis. In the industry, it seems, though, the music card "rights success, but in bulk order, e-commerce field, some resembles true and false of the" famous brand discount "is still there and hard to discern for consumers.

The hot issues 】

French brand network rights win the lawsuit

In order to exceed the price for selling bulk order, in the rapid rise at the same time, they got in trouble. April 25,, "network group buying rights first case"-tick group, during the launch of the net "Lotion bottle manufacturer' French rooster 'music card g shoes bulk order" alleged infringement, take joy card g won in end.

The dispute was started last year. At that time, a consumer group in tick "group" by a pair of runway nets supply le card g shoes. However, the relevant inspection, this shoe is not quality goods. Later, le card grams of rights conference held, and points out that the group and its suppliers tick runway nets counterfeits.China spray pump bottle factory The event is called "bulk rights first case". Le card grams said, although rights road difficult, but hopes it can let more brand enterprise to pay attention to the network shopping brought about by the series of problems.

But during nets still says, the sales of runway nets "French rooster shoes" and other goods during nets, as brand quality goods, the incident because the nature of the web site of the "rooster shoes" not from domestic dealers, but overseas distributors.

E-commerce accounts for more than fifty percent of the total electrical contractor complaints

Recently,Double lotion bottle factory the China electronic commerce research center issued in the year of 2011 China's e-commerce market data monitoring report shows, last year, the network shopping into the whole electric business industry is the most field complaints. Dangdang network wait ten well-known B2C electrical contractor was chosen for the "ten network shopping hot be complaints enterprise".

The report shows that last year, in view of the network shopping complaints of electronic commerce total 52% of complaints; Bulk order, followed by 25%. In 2012 the electronic commerce complaints on March is the number 1 month increased 68.93%, among which the network shopping area of ascent than complaints to 56.8%.

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