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« Does the packaging environmental protection is the focus of future cosmetics enterprise development A true luxury goods online discount hot it famous brand discount »

The development of brand four "basic principle"

Now local cosmetics brand packaging follow suit serious, very much the same, not imitation of foreign capital, is copying each other. Is South Korea brand, but China registered a Chinese LZ, then the outer packing, product and so on all copy is almost exactly like to, and now have made the store. Thought to have a few more registered trademark, imitate the international famous brand, playing outside, in the independent brand, I see that is in the "cooking" brand,Lotion pump bottle supplier to boil to boil will give away to nothing.

The wind of imitation is so rampant, the author thinks that mainly have the following factors:

1, send the cost too high because for them, the cost of the design before zero cost; Imitate the international brand of bottle type basic don't need to open mold fee, because the international brand of perfume products listed in later, its glass bottle type have male model, and the model is no fees. But if you want to bottle type of independent innovation, will need to have a private module, and the cost is a lot of.

2, "copycat" it don't think, exist, leisurely le zai.

3 the magical function, computer science and technology is developed, the human brain is backward, the more difficult it is to tell the difference between right and wrong. Now, if only to see photos that risk is quite high coefficient, and for products it, many manufacturers in rural town of text not sensitive to the consumers, making a lot of play outside brand, such as has become the sword; The left on the right move, red variable pink, down change down, is multifarious,Double airless bottle each remarkably recruit.

4, the whole environment for "talk" in "high quality" doesn't speak to the condition of the phenomenon of persuasion is not new, but it seems as FanWei's famous and presenting the talk spirit everywhere, can be blindfold, can mix mix, really for the product of the consideration and can have a few?

5, the overall environment is not healthy, and even existence of local protectionism are some local administrative organs to protect local fiscal revenue and market economy, not only don't strike, and hold up the umbrella, this is it is a key problem.

And here comes the author can't help but want to ask, are we really can only go on like this? In fact the author understand the mood of the enterprise, also don't deny they are trying to get rid of some of the international famous brand imitation, try out of the mire of the price war. Perhaps is to suffer from no cures, but competition is so fierce, giving in to such a do STH over and over again!

An enterprise operating a particular brand of the whole process is like a big tree: good idea is like oxygen of trees is ongoing vomit one part based; The way of working process as the branches of the trees, but extending found; Marketing is like the leaves, again good products from the marketing activities, as dry branches, which come of happening, call a person astew; Execution is the root, the root all have no, again good structure, again beautiful Mosaic, that also can be a kind of idea, a luxury. So, the idea of team, procedures, and marketing, implementation is the brand of oxygen, branch and leaf, root, although not is the best, but at least want to make a "own".

A, ideas for oxygen strengthen the "only their best" concept. Used as a big brand of thought to management brand and associated with all, small to packing bottle type, big, to appearance design and promotion, and even environmental protection of public welfare action. Big brands in crazy earn the money also is very timely feedback to the social skills, let you feel more buy worth, using at ease.

The so-called gold, what we want is a "fingers" and not "stone", learning people can learn, but to learn how to think about somebody else, do not learn the somebody else thinking things. Stone was too easy to rob, so his share of market share is very limited, a classic idea can withstand decades or even hundreds of years of test, chanelno. 5 is a known good example, always speak in marketing is "is" or "dig channels" the truth, in fact identical.

His eye on the consumer interest and demand, but not to the market on the famous brand product, why always like to eat a somebody else of their bad food, also dropped a pirated copies of the YaMing not number? ! Don't just really ability is inferior to a person? ! Is willing to so-called well-known brand when free TuiGuangYuan? In a word with celebrities say: "in fact there is no famous brand, copy it, become a famous brand". Obviously, is "we" achievement of famous brand, unfortunately, the somebody else not only won't thank you, you are too much so somebody else tell you. All of this comes from a concept, the so-called attitude decides height, when your eye is "look at what something new on the market", it is meant to mimic the way you, by this time, even if you suddenly realize, also already too late, the market has its regular cycle, so have forward-looking ideas, to see what the consumer demand, which aspect demand has not been met, a brand is very popular what is the reason, they so perfect,China plastic tube supplier no defect?

The creative thinking, a good idea change is not only a brand, the more likely is the fate of the whole enterprise. Make a very simple example, is a some toothpaste producers in the suffer from sales, a wise man's advice that its back to life, and that is to open some toothpaste mouth, so that every time when with toothpaste can squeeze more, sales of natural rose a lot, so now we see a lot of toothpaste is pretty big cut.

Second, and process for its industrial design link in domestic relatively weak, and the enterprise to develop the thinking of the bottle type very passive, more use of existing things, we see in the packaging and design magazine, will see a lot of project is about foreign industrial design, it detailed introduces a product from the design to the finished product process, you can feel that is a creative process, from the picture to the function that the draft, block, 3 D rendering, color assumptions and physical simulation. The whole process is full of crystallization of the wisdom of the fun and creativity.

No ideas, which come a way out? The somebody else with corrugated paper, we also can only use corrugated paper, just changes with the strength of the thickness of problem, it is of no significance. And only from the organization to process, from the packaging to logistics, from monopoly shop to supervision. Let the whole system formed a complete chain, linked together, cooperate closely, to set up his own technology development department, to get the top technical personnel to relevant technical colleges and universities study related skills, this sounds like a fiction, actually is the use of the system is not perfect, now pay attention to in the employment professing, for their own product project, to further education is a very important work plan. The team probably needs such talent: market planner, 3 D production division, artists and creative teacher technical adviser, linked together, market planner in-depth market, the use of the unique "disguise" technology, the thorough consumer groups, collect market information, summarize and the market demand, and specific description, such as round, square, tall, short, color, material, tactility, brightness and weight, and so on, described by artists after drawing draft, again with technical adviser, 3 D production division focus the meeting, feasibility analysis, this seemingly simple configuration and process of the company structure in China does not see more, even by two or three "designer" managed manually, that's "earned"!!!!! And even more unfortunately, not that there was no one in the company, but not reasonable division, technology not quantitative, training is not in place, don't know how to organize and coordinate, coordinate the department is a long-standing problem, also not the author in this can say a few words of that, but this is, after all, the development plan of things about enterprise, careless.

Three, marketing for leaf cosmetic packing "fashion" and "cultural", is the design of the packing will be through, form an important part of the marketing cosmetics. She not only sell efficacy, more fashion and culture to sell. With other almost all consumer goods, cosmetics consumer due to age, sex, occupation, cultural, economic level differences, its shopping psychological activities and functions are different. Such as the working class, income not much more for realistic type; Young people, the intellectuals, economic disciplines background.over 1 to find more beautiful type; White-collar workers, the outgoing more exquisite brand.

Therefore, should according to the product orientation target consumers choose different packaging design strategy. However this kind of competition is not green under the age the point, now not only want to speak good and function, environmental protection practical with circulating also become cosmetics marketing must pay special attention to the two big principles.

A, environmental protection principle the understanding is that environmental protection in order to ensure the packing of the products based on the demand of the maximum limit reduced packaging waste, this in the packaging structure and packaging combination will consideration together to. For example, people familiar with the candy packing, use of NuoMiZhi and packing ice cream corn baking packaging cup are typical edible packing. These and similar material namely save and no pollution, it may be said is worth promoting. In Finland, the recovery of plastic bottles as high as 99%, store, people to scrap the bottle into self-study recycling machine, recycling machine retrieve amount.

Second, circulation principle of repeated use is packing, for example, after you use can do vase; Or creative development and utilization, be in abroad will have a lot of games like this, the use of packaging waste many fashion things, such as tyre do sofa, the beer the condole top of the cartons for light and so on.

In the marketing activity planning can think more about this aspect of the creative, such as:
1. The empty bottle of recovery and recycling.
2. Waste creative competition.
3. New material development, and more about combination packing, reduce the single product packaging materials 4. A new bottle type environmental protection design awards and encourage environmental protection creative thinking face packaging rubbish and litter the globalization of the big problem before the ecological balance, must the environmental protection consciousness of the deep penetration to product marketing planning, only from the source, starts from the start the product itself, as far as possible to throw, system for recovery, to the best for the environmental cause do contribution, the packaging designers should have strong environmental protection consciousness, full consideration of the packing box structure, material apply and printing technology, and eventually the waste treatment and so on, as far as possible to a reasonable, province makings, beautiful and practical.

Four, executive for root as the government for intellectual property legislation, the strengthening of law enforcement, many manufacturers have started to worry, are no longer willing to supply for the domestic brand international brand of imitation bottle type. At the same time, some like to imitate the international brand of domestic brand also startled related laws, to abandon the practice of imitation. In order to get out of the predicament, and domestic brands have to choose to innovation. But the road below us, taken to have the possibility of the success, the implementation that is the productive forces, and no good execution, again good theory are only empty talk, again good writing can't change any actual problems, it is true to the understanding of the enterprise of the seriousness of this problem, and to clear up the process, deep grasps carries out, can let own things better, more does more strong, in the way of the model on growth, not in the imitation of the road got lost.

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