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Businessman keen "gift promotion" consumers of joy feelings

A to large holidays, major stores, supermarkets and launch discount consumption, gift in the form such as promotion pull popularity, expand sales. These gift is less a few yuan, many hundreds of yuan is. The power of the gift is formidable, in the temptation of gifts, consumers may be abandoned heart of love originally brands and models, the purchase of the final choice often deviating from the rational consumption orbit, further to fall into the trap of consumption. To this,Airless bottle...

The dow said Asian packaging technology as a driving force for the development of the application

Consumer preferences are prompted Asian each big final market a quietly change. Driven by this, the dow chemical company such big enterprise to make rapid response, especially in plastic packaging this area.

In the April 20, China international exhibition of rubber (China plas) period, the dow company four executives in a small informal discussion at media about their views on this trend.


CHIPF Beijing international packaging exposition of the ministry of commerce of become the key support exhibition

In China packaging federation, the local packaging technology association and professional committee support, the CHIPF2010 Beijing international packaging exposition hold quite successful, got the pa

The tobacco companies to use new packaging design to attract young smokers

Tobacco companies are designing new tobacco packaging, make the cigarette case similar to perfume bottle, or add a reversible as open the lid of a cigarette lighter, appeal to teenage smoking.

April 25, according to research shows that, the tobacco industry use packing attract a new generation of young smokers, because fewer opportunities to promote products.


Digital label printing machine is growing rapidly packaging technology innovation strong

The change of the economic environment, increased competition and customer expectations rise, digital printing technology is being brought to the modern printing industry presence. With more and more value on printing industry customized and short edition production, digital printing presses on the market have made a lot of achievements. Here is inventory Numbers and digital packaging label printing printing presses the latest technology of the field, which will share the druid is in bashan the latest event to display digital printing technology.


A true luxury goods online discount hot it famous brand discount

April 25,, a famous French sports leisure brand "French rooster" le card g sued tick group, runway nets infringement case successful counterfeits. The dust settled "network group buying rights first case" by consumers of e-commerce, again bulk commodities trust crisis. In the industry, it seems, though, the music card "rights success, but in bulk order, e-commerce field, some resembles true and false of the" famous brand discount "is still there and hard to discern for consumers.


The development of brand four "basic principle"

Now local cosmetics brand packaging follow suit serious, very much the same, not imitation of foreign capital, is copying each other. Is South Korea brand, but China registered a Chinese LZ, then the outer packing, product and so on all copy is almost exactly like to, and now have made the store. Thought to have a few more registered trademark, imitate the international famous brand, playing outside, in the independent brand, I see that is in the "cooking" brand,Lotion pump bottle supplier...

Does the packaging environmental protection is the focus of future cosmetics enterprise development

Cosmetics is create beautiful products, cosmetics packaging as an important part of its environmental affect more and more attention by people, beautiful should not be at the expense of the environment is the price, does the packaging is environmental protection enterprise future a focus in the process of development.


In 2016, the flexible packaging consumption is expected to amount to 22.5 million tons

International packaging research institutions association the British sent one of the founder's international recently issued the latest issue of the survey report, the report says, with 2011 global consumption of soft packing will reach 18.1 million tons, output will reach $58.3 billion. The report estimates that in the next five years, the global market value of flexible packaging compound annual growth rate to 4.1% growth rate, to 2016 consumption is expected to reach 22.5 million mt, output will reach $71.3 billion. Send's international the entitled "the 2016 global flexible packaging market forecast" survey report, with metal tins, glass and plastic bottles of traditional packaging form by market place gradually eliminate, flexible packaging market will have new growth opportunity.


The net buys packaging reuse micro bo to share experiences of environmental protection

The net buys, for cheap and convenient has become widespread public favor generally of a shopping form. In the April 22, the world earth day, some users from the resources recycling view, the net buys advocate environmental protection. They suggest that to electric business platform packing boxes, trade on the net return second-hand goods and so on, let old circulating up, environmental protection from the "old" is made.




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