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Acrylic bottle: the advantages of both plastic and glass

Acrylic bottle, its raw material chemical commonly known as PMMA, in the field of cosmetics bottles, acrylic bottles are widely used in high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetics packaging, by the market.
    The Chinese bottles network Acrylic bottle has both the plastic Acrylic Jar characteristics: shatterproof, lightweight, easy to color, easy processing, low cost, and has the characteristic appearance of the glass Cosmetic Jar bottle is beautiful, high-end texture. That cosmetics manufacturers Plastic container the appearance of glass bottles, plastic bottles cost but also both the impact, and is conducive to the transportation advantages. At present, the domestic acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturers concentrated Zhejiang Shangyu manufacturers here in the country is among the first engaged in Acrylic packaging production, products are exported to European and American cosmetics bottle packaging market.

The new polyurea coating spray equipment and technology

    Polyurea coatings abroad for nearly 10 years, in order to meet the environmental needs and developed a new solvent-free, pollution-free coatings.
    It is characterized by: construction process Airless pump is simple, not affected by the construction environment may be below -20 ℃ and 40 ° C above construction, according to the needs of any from the influence of moisture and temperature, the curing time of the coating can be in the range of 10s ~ 30min regulation; solvent evaporation construction is completely green paint; fast curing characteristics, construction on arbitrary surfaces, both vertical and a variety of complex Lotion bottle parts, smooth surface appearance after spraying; water, acid and alkali , radiation-resistant, excellent Cosmetic bottle resistance to oxidation, anti-microbial and other physical and chemical properties.




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