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Square acrylic jar supplier

Hangzhou Wanmei Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a Square acrylic jar supplier,WANMEI Packaging Co.Ltd is under Bona Group, which mainly produce plastic packaging products. Private owned two manufacturing facility: WANRO which produces the PE tube, and WANTE which makes Plastic container (Airless pump, Lotion pump, Acrylic Jar & Plastic bottle & Jar)
WANRO,PE tube is available for diameter 13~60mm in round、oval、and flat oval shape, and also available for materials in soft-touch、PCR tube. We provide all kinds of decoration & technical support, such as: flame treatment、anti-dust、anti-static processing、round-open end、offset-print、silk-screen print、hot-stamping, labeling, hot-transferring print, and orifice foil sealing, end-sealing tubes.
Acrylic jar chemical name for gather methyl methacrylate (mma). Hong Kong people call the more strength, is a development early important thermoplastic, has the good transparency, the chemical stability and the weathering resistance, easy dyeing, easy to process, beautiful appearance, in the construction of a wide range of applications. Organic glass products usually can be divided into pouring board, extrusion board and the mold plastic. Organic glass suitable for two processing, such as mechanical processing, hot plastic molding, blow molding, plastic absorbing, solvent agglutination, thermal printing, screen printing, etc.

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